Comments: Defeating Poverty - Jan Dhan and Beyond

"The book would be helpful in providing the readers various aspects of the issue and would promote awareness among the readers in suggesting ways of defeating poverty which is a national priority."

Dharmendra Pradhan
Minister of State (IC), Petroleum & Natural Gas

11th December 2014

“This is indeed a very thought provoking and topical contribution to the discourse. I commend and congratulate you on this significant contribution and hope that all policymakers have a chance to go through the book for its illuminating insights. The section on ModiNomics contains valuable lessons and can be used as models for implementation. As they say, “the devil lies in the detail” and as we have often discussed, many of our models fail simply due to poor implementation on the ground.”

Deepali Pant Joshi
Executive Director, Reserve Bank of India

9th December 2014

"I appreciate the initiative and efforts taken by you in bringing about such a wonderful book which acts as a source of inspiration and shows the direction to fight against our country's persistent problem of poverty."

S. K. Roy
Chairman, Life Insurance Corporation of India

17th December 2014

"The book appears to be an earnest attempt at delineating the various financial inclusion initiatives launched by the policymakers through the years up until the Jan Dhan Yojana launched by the present Union Government. I congratulate you for an extremely sincere effort in highlighting the issue of povetry alleviation which needs a whole hearted support from not only the legislature and the bureaucracy, but from the entire cross-section of the society."

S. S. Mundra
Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India

22nd December 2014

"I find the book quite interesting and informative. The actionable recommendations suggested in your book are interesting and worth consideration."

P. K. Malhotra
Secretary, Ministry of Law & Justice

11th December 2014

"This book contains many valuable suggestions like social inclusion, financial inclusion and digital inclusion for addressing poverty in the country."

Jayant Sinha
Minister of State for Finance

17th December 2014