Growth and Governance


ISBN: 978-81-929172-1-4
Binding: Hardcover (6″ X 9″)
Pages: 272
2014 Edition

Nandan Nilekani earned his place as an iconic entrepreneur in India in the 1980s, having co-founded Infosys Limited in 1981. In the post-economic liberalisation era, he cemented his reputation as a pioneer in the corporate and information technology world, just as he helped launch Infosys into the big league of world’s IT-enabled services companies. He served as the company’s Chief Executive Officer from 2001 to 2007.

At the fag end of his career in Infosys, Niilakani wrote a best-selling book in 2009, Imagining India: The Idea of a Renewed Nation. The book is widely acclaimed for heralding a new, idea-based approach to meet the present and future challenges facing India. It spelt out the theoretical framework for the provision of a unique identity for all its citizens as an important step towards putting, what Nilekani called, “human capital front and centre as the main driver of productivity and growth”.


About the Editor/Contributors

Introduction Sameer Kochhar

  1. Markets, Big Business and Social Legitimacy
    • Montek S. Ahluwalia
  2. Two Issues in India’s Growth Story
    • C. Rangarajan
  3. Advocacy & Governance
    • Rohan Kochhar
  4. Vision for a Transparent, Efficient and Economically Inclusive Nation
    • Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
  5. Challenges of Economic Governance
    • Rajiv B. Lall
  6. Two Steps Forward for Financial Inclusion
    • Rana Kapoor
  7. War Against Corruption: The Secret Weapon Called Aadhaar
    • Surjit S. Bhalla
  8. Corporate Governance Standards in India – Evolution and Challenges
    • Chitra Ramkrishna
  9. Can we have a New Urban Agenda?
    • M. Ramachandran
  10. The Security Implications of Aadhaar
    • Gursharan Dhanjal
  11. Management Rather than Civil Service: Opportunities for Radical Reform in India
    • Meghnad Desai
  12. Enabling and Sustaining a Stable Rules-Based Regime
    • Cyril Shroff
  13. Enhancing Food Security through Aadhaar
    • N.C. Saxena
  14. The Importance of Aadhaar
    • Janmejaya Sinha
  15. Governance Issues in the Financial Sector
    • S.S. Tarapore
  16. Risks in the Indian Financial Sector: The Role of Aadhaar
    • Laveesh Bhandari and Sumita Kale
  17. Closing the Gap Between Potential and Performance in ICT
    • Ashima Goyal
  18. Competition Policy: 2nd Big Wave of Economic Reforms
    • Pradeep S. Mehta


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