Modi’s Odyssey: Digital India Developed India


ISBN: 978-81-929197-2-76

Digital India, according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, “is an enterprise for the transformation of India in a way unmatched in human history.” In it, he sees technology as a means to empower and as a tool that bridges the distance between hope and opportunity.

The intensity in his words, whenever he enunciates his Digital India dream, reflects the deep-rooted conviction that technology can bring governance closer to the people and enhance transparency and efficiency. His belief in technology, when it was applied to practice, had produced results. Technology and e-Governance embedded in it had been the driving forces in Modi’s governance successes in Gujarat much before he became the Prime Minister of India.

Now India has a leader who is hands-on application of technology to improve governance and delivery of citizen services and is clear about nation’s compelling need to have a longterm digital development and empowerment strategy. Digital India is an important initiative to prepare India for a knowledge future and make technology the key enabler of change. Justice, good governance, development, opportunity creation, equal participation in the economy and democracy would be the winners of the Digital India programme when implemented the way

Modi has envisioned. This edited volume was conceived as much to endorse this grand vision for our country as to analyse and point out ways to make Digital India
an enduring reality. The authors of the essays are accomplished experts in their respective fields. Together, they highlight a range of issues relevant to Digital India: where the old assumptions and mindset must be challenged; rules need to be rewritten; and, regulations have to be liberalised.


Sameer Kochhar

Section I
1. Cloud, Aadhaar, Mobile – Sameer Kochhar
2. Aadhaar at the core of Digital India – R.S. Sharma
3. Digital Deliverance – Sameer Kochhar
4. Government Must be Technology Neutral – Prashant Shukla
5. Transformation Through Digital India – Ajay Kumar

Section II
6. Surge by Madhya Pradesh: A Case of Competitiveness – Rohan Kochhar
7. e-Governance Transformation in Maharashtra – Deepak B. Phatak
8. West Bengal Rises with e-Governance: Development Through Better Governance and Inclusion – Gursharan Dhanjal
9. e-Governance and Karnataka – Gursharan Dhanjal

Section III
10. e-Kranti – National e-Governance Plan 2.0 – Vision and Opportunities – Rajendra Kumar
11. Digital India: School Education – Radha S. Chauhan
12. Education Intersection Under Digital India – Charu Malhotra
13. e-Governance in Farm Sector: A Roadmap to Enhance Agriculture and Food Security – M. Moni

Section IV
14. Creating a Vibrant e-Commerce Market – J.K. Dadoo
15. Taxation and India’s Position at ITA-II – Mukesh Butani
16. Applied Lessons for Smart Cities – Prakash Rane
17. IT Procurement Policy – Sanjiv Mital
18. Building Procurement Capacity in Government – Tannoy Chakrabarty
19. Usage of Cloud in Government – Karan Bajwa
20. Leveraging Opportunities in a Digital India – Alok Bhargava

Section V
21. e-Payments and Security – Ari Sarker
22. e-Enablement of the Indian Judicial System: Priority, Mission Mode & Focus – Tannoy Chakrabarty
23. e-Enabling Police for Better Law Enforcement – Rakesh Asthaana
24. Securing India Digitally – Deepak Maheshwari
25. Law Enforcement: A View from Jharkhand – Satya Narayan Pradhan
26. Digital Empowerment and Skilling India: Speed, Scale & Sustainability – R.K. Bajaj, Himmat Singh

Section VI
27. Electronic Manufacturing for Growth – R.C.M. Reddy
28. Leveraging Digital India for Spurring Jobs – R.C.M. Reddy, Pooja Gianchandani
29. Creating an Enabling Digital Ecosystem: Issues & Challenges – S. Ananth, Charan Singh


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